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What is a network? 

Collins dictionary definition;

​"A network of people or institutions is a large number of them that have a connection with each other and work together as a system."

​A network is an organisation authorised by the FCA which assumes full responsibility for the activities of its member firms. They provide all the tools and processes for any adviser to do their job in a compliant manner. A network is effectively a compliance umbrella for advisory professionals allowing advisers to deal with their clients and prospective clients, giving advice in all the areas for which they have permissions, be that investments, pensions, mortgages, protection or other associated products and services.

An adviser and their firm become an Appointed Representative (AR) of the network and commit to conduct their business within the guidelines and processes dictated by the network. In return, the  network offers support, back office systems, research tools and established relationships with providers (lenders, funds, insurers etc.) often with enhanced terms. The network also provides a buffer between the adviser/firm and the regulator, allowing them to concentrate on seeing clients and conducting their business, whatever type of business that may be.

Services provided by networks and charging structures vary considerably, so it vitally important that you choose one that suits your model and values. Some networks charge annual or monthly fee's, some pass on the costs of regulatory fees and Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII), while others do not. You will inevitably pay a proportion of your income to the network for the benefits they offer. This is normally scaled based on the volume of business and again varies considerably between the many different propositions.

​Network Consulting can help guide you through the maze of offerings to help you select the proposition that suits your requirements. To read more about choosing a network click below or just get in touch, we are always happy to help.
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