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Matching the right solution for your business needs

Network Consulting Services offers a free service for advisers, we are completely independent and here to help you find the most appropriate service for your requirements. 

By bench-marking the features, benefits and charging structures of networks and service provider propositions, we are able to match the proposition that fits what you want. We also monitor the current financial health of networks and service providers using highly reputed agencies, minimising your exposure to provider failure due to financial mis-management. 

By taking detailed information about your business and your personal requirements, enables us to filter out the network, services or role that is the best fit for you. This mitigates the many hours and meetings normally needed to conduct your own research and due diligence. This could save you weeks in time and thousands, may be tens of thousands of pounds every year. 

We consider many elements of service providers, some of these are (but not limited to); how advisers are treated by the networks and service providers, charging structures, change management, financial health, proposition breadth, services offered and customer satisfaction.

Independence and integrity is assured

By investing a small amount of time with an independent consultancy you will save hours of time and unnecessary meetings with each proposition. 

Its simple;

1. Complete an enquiry form

2. We will contact you 

3. We produce a recommendation report

4. We introduce you to the best fit

5. You're ready to take the next step

How it works

Network Consulting collects in-depth detail on service propositions of both network and directly authorised offerings. We also conduct financial health checks using a highly reputed agencies to measure financial management and soundness of each company, along with monitoring the current satisfaction of their users. 

Having detail of the propositions, pricing structure, culture and customer satisfaction information, gives us the ability to fully understand each offering and how they bench-mark across the market. 

We take in-depth detail from you and your business, what your business mix is and what your main drivers, needs and requirements are. This enables us cross reference your information with the available services and make a recommendation of the proposition which best fit your requirements. You will receive a summary report, highlighting the matching features, why we feel this is the most appropriate for you and your business, along with the pricing of the service. We will then introduce you to the provider to arrange a call or meeting. Currently, the service is free to advisers and firms, however, there may be a charge for more complex situations or if a site visit is required. This will be fully disclosed if it's deemed necessary to charge.

We cover propositions for networks, both mortgage and wealth, directly authorised compliance services, employed and self-employed adviser (Registered Individual) offerings, as well as services for non-regulated brokers.

The process starts by filling in a short enquiry form, you will then receive a call or we will book a meeting to obtain more in-depth data, so we fully understand your needs and requirements.  

Who are Network Consulting 

Paul Day, the founder and director of Network Consulting Services has worked in financial services for over 30 years. For a large part of his career he worked within networks and was part of the senior team that constructed a network proposition for one of the largest mortgage networks at the time. Later consulting to other networks on proposition and structure. 

He has been both a wealth and mortgage & protection adviser as well as holding several senior roles with product providers and networks. 

Paul was also the co-founder of Which Network, which was a respected independent consulting service for advisers seeking either a new network or becoming AR for the first time. Paul relinquished his interest in the company but Which Network ran successfully from 2009 until earlier in 2022 when Paul's co-founder retired. During this time it placed hundreds of advisers and firms with the right proposition for their needs.  

Having this broad experience gives unique insight into the propositions offered, how their key components fit with different businesses and how contrasting service features factor in advisory firms priorities. 

Network Consulting values


The highest level of integrity is fundamental to who we are. We honour commitments and promises to our customers and clients. Always doing the right thing in both work and personal life.


Focussed on listening and understanding, which is reflected in our actions.


To serve our customers and clients professionally, with passion and purpose to attain the desired outcome.

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